Poor or weak balance is not a sign of getting older. It is commonly found in people who have poor posture or suffer from Lower Back Pain (LBP).

When a person complains of Lower Back Pain, the common symptoms that occur are:

  • Decreased flexibility
  • Weakness
  • Pain/spasms in the muscle of the lower back & pelvis.

Overtime, this can lead to weak balance & loss of coordination as well as decreased stability during activities that involve sitting and standing.

A study found that adults aged 20-50 years with mild Lower Back Pain showed a significant impairment in balance control compared to non back pain patients. Therefore, improving posture & in particular, balance should be incorporated into the treatment of Lower Back Pain.

Small changes you can make to improve your balance:

  • Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth
  • Stand on one leg while putting your shoes on. Can you tie the laces as well?
  • Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair while working at your desk.

We need balance to sit, stand as well as perform complex movements. A poor posture or a spine that is under stress requires more energy to move or even stay upright. If poor posture is neglected for too long, while it can be reversed, it may take longer because the body moves differently to avoid pain. The support of a health care team like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists can help with addressing the cause of restricted movement and then design a specific strengthening program for your body to balance well and improve your posture.

So how well do you balance? Can you stand on one leg for 60 seconds? Can you do it without wobbling, holding on for stability or falling over? The average person should be able to stand still on one leg for 30 seconds.


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