AMPS Level Descriptions

(Athletic Movement, Performance and Skills)

Athletic ability and performance are key ingredients for any sport.  Athletic ability not only determines how well you will play a sport but can also influence your chance or extent of injury. Every sport can be broken down into fundamental activities and the ability to do these activities can be assessed and measured.

AMPS focuses primarily on the speed and skills of the soccer player by measuring current ability and comparing it to an ideal score for age and sex.  Your AMPS results will help you train with targets to beat. It measures running speed, agility and quickness, and ball handling ability. Whilst you can compare your results with other players, remember you are trying to improve your own results. Keep working at gradually improving your ability through training, including adequate recovery between sessions.

Components tested in AMPS

Directional Speed.

The T Test is a simple and excellent way to measure how fast you can run in different directions. It combines forwards, side-wards and backwards running over a set distance in the shortest time possible. Regularly practice the T Test manoeuvre at training and see your team have fast feet.

Straight Speed and Acceleration.

First to the ball wins the ball. That is why we measure your best time to run 10 metre and 20 metre distances. Speed matters. Work at improving your times by practicing five or more sets of each distance. Warm up well before practicing sprints.

Power– Vertical Jump.

Getting control of the ball in the air can win games. A powerful jump can give the opportunity for beautiful headers into goal or can improve team ball possession by heading it to a team mate. Power also carries over into first to the ball or getting into space. Practice improving your vertical jump. Include different types of jumps – running jumps, stationary jumps, crouch jumps and side or backward jumps. Train with a partner and head the ball whilst in the air.

Ball Skills

The building blocks of great play come from good ball skills including handling, shooting, passing, receiving and tricks. Practice the ball skills as suggested in AMPS. Include other drills that your coach recommends or that you need to work on. When learning a skill, start by breaking it down into smaller components or performing it slowly. Improve your skill by increasing the speed, efficiency or complexity of the move. Repeat the measurements at the mid and end season to see how your skills have improved.


The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test is a great way to measure your ability to perform repeated interval runs over a prolonged period of time. It simulates the type of running required to play football which is fast short distances followed by short rests, repeated again and again over a prolonged period of time. It will test you to your maximum. It differs from the classic beep test in that there is a 10 second recovery after each interval of running. Refer to the table for further information about your result. Interval training is a very effective way to improve your fitness for football. Match fitness is an asset that can give you an edge over your opponent. Include running drills in your training that challenge your current fitness level. It is worthwhile performing the Yo-Yo test pre, mid and end season.

Format of the AMPS test

  • The AMPS assessment requires at least half a soccer field for evaluation.
  • Each soccer player needs to be thoroughly warmed up as the testing involves explosive movements and sprinting.
  • Healthy Innovations will provide all the equipment required at each testing site.
  • The players will be given instructions at each testing site and upon completion will be given a score or a time.

AMPS Assessment Results

  • Once the team or individual has completed the AMPS assessment they can access their results via the AMPS results page.
  • An email will be sent out to each participant informing them of the availability of their results.
  • The AMPS results give a current ability score and the associated chart gives you times to aim for based on your sex and age.
  • Practice your skills, especially the ones you scored low in as well as any of the running drills.

We trust you will find AMPS helpful in improving your standard of play by directing what and how you prioritise your training schedule.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Enjoy the enhanced performance you are likely to experience by including AMPS as part of your training program.

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