Foundational Athletic Movement Examination

FAME is a measurement and training tool that aims to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries so the soccer player can have a full and competitive season. This unique assessment and training program is based on real game experience combined with the latest sports science and sports physiotherapy knowledge. It is great for coaches, teams and individual players as they benefit from their own customised program to complement their current training program.

For the best results FAME should be performed with each of the players at the beginning of the soccer season or during pre-season.  The tool identifies key areas the player and the team as a whole need to focus on both individually and collectively.  Then mid-way through the season a retest should be performed to measure the progress/improvements each player has made and adjust training programs accordingly.  Many professional teams have this as part of their program and it has resulted in greater performance and reduced injuries – a win-win experience.

Requirements and format of the Assessment

FAME can be done individually or with a group of athletes.  An individual assessment can be arranged on most days and only requires a booking through Healthy Innovations front desk on 9481 8140.  Group evaluations require a lot more organisation as the larger the group the more assessors and space required for performance evaluation.

As part of the preparation to hold a group FAME event (where more than two people will be participating/tested) we will require the following:

  1. A suitable space – usually your home oval or an area of flat grassy land
  2. Volunteers – needed to collect data, time participants and help where necessary
  3. Full details of all participants – this can be collected at the event but is preferable to get names and personal details before the event.
  4. Suitable attire – sporting gear for participants and comfortable clothes for volunteers
  5. All equipment will then be supplied by Healthy Innovations and a mutually agreed location will be organised.
  6. FAME tests occur over 10 stations where abilities are determined, recorded and kept for future comparison. Each of the 10 tests are described in much greater detail HERE. FAME tests takes approximately one hour to complete.  The players can then access their results on the Healthy Innovations website approximately one week following the assessment.
  7. Please call our reception for costs and available appointment times to run the test.  Community teams are able to benefit from our services for free if pre-arranged with the management of Healthy Innovations.


FAME Assessment Results

  • Once the team or individual has completed the FAME assessment they can access their results via the FAME results page.
  • An email will be sent out to each participant informing them of the availability of their results.
  • Once the individual has reviewed their results they can then print out a customised program that they can work on for the next few months.
  • Use the images on your FAME program sheet to clarify the movements required
  • When using FAME as a training tool focus on improving only 1, 2 or 3 of your areas for improvement as determined from the assessment.
  • The descriptions below will give you an indication of your abilities (your current level) for each test. A recommended progression is given for each level to assist you in reaching your goals and becoming a better player.
  • Train only 2-3 times a week to allow recovery between sessions, unless stated otherwise. You might like to practice at home or add it into your regular football training sessions. Warm up prior to training. Remember not to cause pain at any time and to progress at your own rate, not at anyone else’s.
  • If experiencing any pain during practise, then train at a lower level that can be performed without pain.
  • We strongly recommend that the test be repeated mid-season so the team/players can determine their progress and any further/different areas they need to concentrate on for the remainder of the season.

We trust you will find FAME helpful in improving your standard of play by directing what and how you prioritise your training schedule.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Enjoy the enhanced performance you are likely to experience by including FAME as part of your training program.

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